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Energy Strands

We can establish relationships with people, concepts, and places. According to Denise Linn’s Energy Strands, there are energy strands connecting us with them that convey energy, information, or both. These strands may range in size from tiny filaments to large energetic ropes. Strands can be established between a person and someone significant, such as loved… Continue reading Energy Strands

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Thus Spoke the Plant

I have gradually become more of a plant-person. My houseplants have begun to feel like friends through the years, and the garden’s call has strengthened. I wanted to be more thoughtful about these relationships, so I read Thus Spoke the Plant by Monica Gagliano, Ph.D. Dr. Gagliano began her academic career studying fish in the… Continue reading Thus Spoke the Plant

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Dreambook + Planner and Cosmic Ordering

If you want to get anywhere, you need a goal. You can certainly change goals; your journey helps you to refine what you want (and don’t want), which might mean you revise an old goal or set a new one. Sometimes we reach our most extensive goals and set new ones! In my experience, I… Continue reading Dreambook + Planner and Cosmic Ordering

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Medical Medium: Secrets Behind Chronic and Mystery Illness and How to Finally Heal

Part of my healing regimen: organic cherries, organic tea, a helpful book, and a sweet companion. If you have an illness that your doctor finds challenging to define, diagnose, and treat, you may have what Anthony William calls a mystery illness. You may struggle through your life, knowing that you have a problem, and suspecting… Continue reading Medical Medium: Secrets Behind Chronic and Mystery Illness and How to Finally Heal