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Fringe Dweller on the Night Shift

Fringe dweller cover

Many of my clients feel that they do something important in their sleep, but they do not recall what it is. Or perhaps they recall, but don’t understand what is happening. I often refer them to Fringe Dweller on the Night Shift: True Stories from an Afterlife Paramedic by Monica Holy(I am not compensated in any way for this unbiased review.)

moonrise; orbs
Moonrise watched from Mt. Shasta. The orbs were brilliant.

Fringe Dweller is about a woman who helps people in her sleep at night. One night she dreamed about helping children trapped in a sinking school bus, only to find the article in the newspaper the next day. It was not her imagination; the article reflected what she had seen and experienced. She could no longer ignore the magnitude of the work that she did as she slept. Sometimes she saved distressed and panicked people. Other times, she escorted them to the light. This service prevented the suddenly dead from wandering as Earth-bound spirits; an escort can help them find their way to the light and whatever happens beyond.

silhouette of trees; orbs
Stars and orbs above Mt. Shasta.

I have had dreams of helping people move on after death. The most important to me took place when my father was terminally ill, I fell asleep and dreamed of talking to a man whose face was hidden. He was standing in the amusement park, and I was offering him a free ticket to a vacation. He asked why he needed a vacation when the amusement park had all he needed? I offered the ticket again, explaining that sometimes we all need a vacation to rest and restore ourselves. He took the ticket, and there was joy surrounding us. I awoke immediately as my mother told me that my father had passed. He had taken the ticket to go to the light. The dream showed death with such ease and the departure of life much in the way it can be seen metaphysically.

So knowing that we may work in our sleep, have you been curious of your job? I recommend reading Fringe Dweller as an introduction to what can be accomplished in our sleep. You may find it resonates with you.

orbs; night
More stars and orbs above Mt. Shasta.

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