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Star Origins and Wisdom of Animals

Photo courtesy of NASA

I recommend Star Origins and Wisdom of Animals: Talks with Animal Souls by Jacquelin Smith more often than any other book in my metaphysical work. So many clients, like me, find love and teachers in their pets and the animals around them. Many of us have experienced pets that were no doubt conscious, sentient beings that we secretly understood to be more evolved than we were.

Star Origins

A professional animal communicator, Jacquelin Smith is quite candid that she has communicated not only with animals, but also with beings from other dimensions, planets, and stars. Her book explains the galactic relationship between humans and pets. “All living forms are connected. The common denominator that all living forms share is that we all have the divine light and life force within us.” Ms. Smith helps us understand the complex spiritual beings that animals are. “Animals are assisting the Earth and all inhabitants on Earth with becoming more conscious spiritually.”

According to jellyfish, “I am an angel of the deep. We are guardian angels or gatekeepers. We maintain balance and harmony interdimensionally and geometrically within the oceans.”

“All souls originate from the Creator. Yet, every soul is influenced by the bodies it creates as well as the various star systems, dimensions, and other places it experiences.” Some of them come to Earth in the bodies of animals so that they can experience the physical realm, “duality, emotions, touch, smell, love, and joy through the physical body.”

According to the Horse Elder Council, “We come from many galaxies and realms…. When Earth was first formed, we were invited to be one of the species to assist with helping set up frequencies for Earth…. We are focused on flow, sound, rhythm, and emotion.”

Star Origins provides communications from beings experiencing life in animal body as well as the purpose, mission, and contribution of a diverse group that includes a dolphin, octopus, butterfly, lion, parrot, horse, bat, dog, bee, hawk, and many more. Some of the book’s conversations are with groups that have an interest in Earth but are not animals, such as The Overseer of Oceans and Waters, Horse Elder Council, Serpent Creator, Dragon Council, and others.

Sea turtle
According to The Large Sea Turtle, “We anchor energies into various Earth and multidimensional grids as well as shift circuitry in terms of electromagnetic fields, forming new crystalline patterns and balancing all of these energies.”

Ms. Smith’s telepathic communication with a large sea turtle helped me imagine the ocean as viscous air as she describes the galaxies within. According to the Large Sea Turtle, “We are ancient beings who help set up key balancing energies with Earth and within some quadrants of your solar system. We hear Earth sing her frequencies. We know when to adjust particular chakras and meridians within Earth and oceans when Earth’s energies begin to get out of balance. We are able to see many dimensions simultaneously.…Living in the oceans, we see colors, dimensions, and galaxies throughout the waters that humans do not usually bother to explore from this perspective…. We anchor energies into various Earth and multidimensional grids as well as shift circuitry in terms of electromagnetic fields, forming new crystalline patterns and balancing all of these energies.”

sting rays
Sting rays have reminded me of angels in the water for many years. Now I know why….

Wishing to expand our preconceived notions, the Large Sea Turtle parts with this little (big) tidbit, “There are angels in the waters….Water is simply a different frequency than Earth’s air and deep space. Angels are not in ‘heaven’ as humans refer to it. Angels are everywhere.”

orange and white cat
According to the Cat Elder, “Those who inhabit cat forms are from various galaxies and universes, not just one world. There are many souls who decide they want to live in a cat body while on Earth.”

The Cat Elder explained the truth of cats.  “Cats are healers, teachers, meditators, mediators, interdimensional shifters and workers along with many other roles…. Cats are highly intuitive and telepathic,” (no surprise, there!).  “Cats are working diligently to wake humans up to their natural intuitive gifts and multidimensional selves…. Cats mirror the more evolved intuitive, heart-centered aspects of themselves with clarity to humans to remind them that they too have these talents and open-hearted qualities. Cats are typically clear in who they are and what they desire….Cats help humans to remember who they are and to connect with their core essence.”

According to the squirrel, “Squirrels and trees communicate telepathically with each other…. Squirrels give and help maintain balance and harmony in neighborhoods energetically.”

This book has been very expansive for me. I have intuitively known that there was more going on for animals than met the eye, and sometimes animal communication books allude to the greater mission. This book focuses on the larger perspective of animals and shows us just how much of our world we humans don’t really understand. This book is an amazing step in bridging the gap.

(I am not compensated in any way for this unbiased review.)

cattle dog
According to Dog Elder, “Many star beings from various galaxies are in dog form on Earth. They are here to remind humans how to love and accept themselves, others, and life. Dogs spread joy with open hearts, which is healing….”

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