Beginner Concepts · Elementals and Orbs

Seeing Orbs!

There are three large orbs several feet across as well as some smaller ones. They are probably easier to see on a large screen.

Sometimes you can feel the richness of the earth and the vitality of the natural world around you. I don’t feel that when I’m downtown, but I can feel it a little in my back yard. It feels strongest when I’m away from the city, somewhere with more plants than people. My husband and I recently camped in northern Wyoming, and the area had a wonderful feeling to it.  I could feel that the land was richly nurtured by the nature spirits/elementals in the area.

The flash over exposes the grass, but now you can see the orbs floating above it!

Some would call these nature spirits leprechauns or fairies, but the camera and I always see them as orbs. Sometimes I see larger, colorful energy balls that are likely to be something else like a spiritual entity. I’ve been reading about nature spirits, trying to strengthen my connection to them. For a basic primer with a distinctly Celtic viewpoint, I recommend Danu Forest’s Nature Spirits: Wyrd Lore & Wild Fey Magic.

book cover

A broader review of nature spirits is The Deva Handbook: How to Work with Nature’s Subtle Energies by Nathan Altman. He takes a world-view of nature spirits/elementals and describes them as a type of angels that minister to the Earth and its plants, animals, and minerals.

book cover

I set out one evening and was able to capture some orbs with my camera. It took a while to figure out what combination of flash and settings would show me the orbs I knew would be there. I’m sharing the best ones (for now) here, although I look forward to perfecting my technique and coming back with better ones!

There are so many orbs floating above this meadow! The flash over-exposes the grass, but it makes the orbs visible.

I was not compensated for reviewing these books; I just simply wanted to share what I enjoy.

See the orbs between the trees? There are so many!

I received no compensation for this review; I just wanted to share my thoughts on this book.

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