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Penetration: The Question of Extraterrestrial and Human Telepathy

Ingo Swann cover Penetration
I listened to this pook on Audible as I commuted. The last third of the book, though, was complex enough that I bought the print copy to read, too.

Ingo Swann, the author of Penetration: The Question of Extraterrestrial and Human Telepathy, was a lead psychic that helped develop the US remote viewing program. Perhaps due to his abilities and the information he gathered with them, he was quite an out-of-the-box thinker. The book begins with a secret remote viewing job he conducted for an unknown government agency to remote view specific coordinates on the moon. It sounded innocent enough until he saw things that he didn’t expect. A lot of things, such as structures, atmosphere, lights, water, and alien beings. He was startled and had to revise his thinking about the moon, which made him consider why science and the government insist that the moon is dry, lifeless, and deserted. He cites many others who have also found unusual activity on the moon through telescopes and scientific means. He concluded that the moon has a light atmosphere and at least some water (seen as vapor or haze), which he states scientists have since verified. He also suggests that information he collected led him to believe that the moon’s hollow and artificial.

full moon

Swann’s interaction with the unknown secret agency continued after the moon views when he was recruited to observe a UFO that regularly visited a certain area. Perhaps it thought Swann could communicate with the occupants. Swann explained that remote viewing requires deep meditation in a quiet place where he can focus. Dodging lasers and hiding from aliens didn’t leave him the time or inclination to attempt telepathy. Later, Swann had a random encounter with a curvaceous and wildly attractive woman in a grocery store that he intuited was alien. Unsurprising, he noticed that she was being followed by agents from the same unknown agency. They questioned him about his involvement with her (none). It was all very cloak and dagger and a bit funny, provided it happens to someone else. Later, when debriefed, Swann realized that the agency was concerned that the alien had telepathically scanned his mind and learned sensitive information from him. That launched him into an exploration into telepathy as a whole. Then, Swann’s questions got even more interesting.

Ingo Swann book cover Penetration
The Winged Beast said that this book requires a wide-angled mind to take it all in.

He observed that most people don’t really think for themselves. They accept packets of information that others have distilled for them, accept them as truth, and go on their way. This lack of questioning what is provided makes people easy to control or manipulate. For example, the public is facing off on whether UFOs exist, with firm believers on both sides. While this is the framework of the debate, both parties fail to explore why the “spacesiders” are visiting, what they’re doing, and whether they are using telepathic mind-control to manipulate Earthsiders so that they are too distracted to confront the spacesiders’ activities.

Swann considered telepathy from many angles and determined that the lack of advancement in mind control was unusual. Scientists maintain a definition of telepathy that isn’t supported by studies, yet they cling to false concepts rather than learning from the evidence presented. He concluded that the Starsiders used mind control to prevent Earthside beings from discovering and developing telepathy.

lunar eclipse
lunar eclipse

He questioned why everyone thinks that the moon is a dead planet when information has been in the public domain for years that indicates the moon has a thin atmosphere, water, and life. Why was the space race to colonize the moon abandoned by the US and Russia? He states that the US had three spacecraft built and ready to return to the moon, yet the government chose to stop all efforts. Russia similarly stopped its attempts to reach and colonize the moon. He suggests that the moon myths persist because someone has a vested interest in keeping us off the moon and keeping it out of our thoughts. He suggests that there could be psychic means used by off-worlders to suppress our curiosity and to keep their own moon installations safely ignored.

Swann mentions documented flashes of light on the moon seen from Earth, which have no explanation, as corroboration of the lights he saw present on the moon during his remote viewing session. While reading his book, I randomly came across this short news video which shows that the lights are continuing and remain unexplained. 

I enjoyed this book because of the number of new questions it brought forward. Swann cited research that supported his remote view and his theories and made me think about things in a whole different way. I recommend this book for the adventurous!

I have received no compensation for this review; I simply enjoyed the book and wanted to share it. All opinions are my own.

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