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Your Nostradamus Factor

Your Nostradamus Factor
I read this book on Audible while gardening.

Ingo Swann, the late psychic that helped establish the US remote viewing program, believed that we are all capable of receiving premonitions of the future. His book, Your Nostradamus Factor: Accessing Your Innate Ability to See into the Future, discusses the ways that we can receive presentient information and the type of events most likely to be known before they happen. So why aren’t we all seeing the future all the time? Swann went to great lengths to explain all the ways that we erroneously believe that we can’t see the future, because he believed that we don’t see the future because we don’t believe we can. His book works to show us we can – and people do – see the future.

The book provides many examples of ordinary people that received accurate premonitions about future events. First, he suggests that some types of events are more likely to be seen, such as events affecting many people or that have an extraordinarily high emotional factor for the general public. Swann believed that major events thrust energy from the time they occur into the future, as they affect many people, and into the past. The backwards thrust can be perceived before the event by those who are receptive. He provided many examples of this from events such as the sinking of the Titanic and crash of the Hindenburg which were identified by ordinary people before the events occurred.

Major personal events can also thrust energy backwards in time, but likely only to the affected person. Swann provided examples of ordinary people who avoided life-threatening events by listening to their premonitions in daily life. He encouraged us all to develop this 6th sense.

“The future always foreshadows itself.”

Swann discusses why people don’t think that they can receive these types of information and ways to overcome or clear those blocks. He provided some basic illustrations to show how we perceive information from the future but also encouraged us to think about ways that we receive this information personally. He thought that if we understood the mechanisms involved and acknowledged that we could receive such information, we would increase our premonitions to prevent unpleasant or life-threatening events.

Next, the book reviewed prediction as a way of demonstrating a knowing the future through conscious control – looking at a situation and trying to get a psychic prediction of what will happen. Such a prediction would be impersonal (not related to the forecaster’s life specifically, like avoiding an accident or unpleasant event) and unexpected (not what industry insiders would expect). For that, Swann reviewed trends, cycles, and astrological influence combined with his future-seeing ability to predict unexpected events and the date they would occur. He tried this for over a year, looking forward over a period of about two years and found that he did not succeed with geological events such as earthquakes or volcanic eruptions, and weather events. He had some success forecasting economic, political, and disease events.

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One chapter of the book was dedicated to Swann’s predictions of the future. Since the book was written in 1993, the predicted time period he covered in his book is history now. It was amusing to hear what he predicted, largely based on “correlative astrology” and trends, and compare it to what really happened. For example, he discarded ocean farming as ridiculous, although it has come to pass, just not likely in the way he expected. Fish and shrimp are what’s “farmed”, and perhaps he was thinking of plants when he rejected the idea.

This was an interesting book and has introduced some concepts new to me, particularly the thought of events throwing energy backwards, all we have to do is “catch” it. For novelty and practical application, I would have given this book a 4.5, but the rambling at the end of the book make me lower it to 3.75 out of 5 stars.

I was not compensated for my review of this book in any way. I simply wanted to share my experience.

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