High-Energy Money

Since I’m always interested in ways to use metaphysical tools to make my life easier, I read RealityShifters Guide to High-Energy Money by Cynthia Sue Larsen to see if there was anything new regarding financial management. There are lots of books on the market promising to make us prosperous and I’m usually not a fan. An exception was reviewed in The Soul of Money. I’m adding this one to the list, as well.

Much of the book is dedicated to the prosperity mentality, which can be found in many books. There were suggestions like affirmations and Feng Shui, and some commonsense suggestions like paying off your debts and saving. Meh. Energizing your money was more interesting and well, the section on metaphysical gambling was a surprise! I’m not sure where using metaphysics for winning the lottery fits into my life, but there was a section with suggestions. For those who are so inclined, these might be worth a look.

viking coins
Viking coins in a traveling museum exhibit

What struck me as new and helpful was something rather elementary yet often overlooked – meditation. Ms. Larsen provided several sample meditations that are quick and easy. I just needed the suggestion to set my financial intentions during my daily meditation just like I set my intentions for the other aspects of my life. Somehow, I’d never thought of that.

This is a slender volume and a quick read. I left with a solid suggestion, so I considered it worth my time. I’m rating this a 3 ½ stars because it had an idea that I could apply to my life that I hadn’t seen elsewhere. Amazon rated it as a 4.0, so I may be a bit harsh. Some of the other ideas may be helpful to those new to metaphysics or with a different way of working the universal energy.

High Energy Money
Available on Audible

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