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Dreambook + Planner and Cosmic Ordering

If you want to get anywhere, you need a goal. You can certainly change goals; your journey helps you to refine what you want (and don’t want), which might mean you revise an old goal or set a new one. Sometimes we reach our most extensive goals and set new ones! In my experience, I need a list of things to do to keep me on track. Otherwise, I find myself off on a tangent, thinking it doesn’t matter because I have plenty of time (I never do), and it won’t hurt (but something more important doesn’t get done). The lists and plans help me refresh my memory about what I need to do and stay on task. This work style is helpful to me. I juggle many projects in my full-time job, and I need to keep on schedule for all of them. I effectively use several tailored tracking processes there. At home, though, I don’t want to track and schedule every moment of every day, but I found that I need a basic tool to remind me of my goals related to my side-business, creative projects, and inner work. I want to be in the flow, but I want to avoid the path of least resistance. This means a bit of personal accountability, and I need a tool for that.

I have been using Dragon Tree’s Dreambook + Planner (Dreambook) for several years.  I first ordered the bound book and didn’t like it at all. It was a little small and felt too permanent. My plans need to be flexible, and the hard-bound book didn’t feel that way at all! I downloaded the Dreambook electronic .pdf version and loved it! I’ve printed it locally for several years and put it in a circa binder. On the plus side, my planning year never seems to start January 1st, and the print version has blank dates, allowing me to start on any day of the year without waste.

A much earlier year’s mind map.

Suppose you want to add your tarot readings, moon phase work, astrological influences, or other self-development tools to the planner. In that case, it’s just a matter of inserting a page for the relevant week or month, so the process is very flexible. I effortlessly combine the tools I need to keep my life on track.

Dreambook encourages you to review your goals over your lifetime and then to break down what you need to do in the next ten, three, and one year to meet those goals. The Dreambook helps me structure the actions I need to take to reach each phase of the plan, breaking them down by year and quarter. I love the format of planning by week, as that fits my planning style, but it also has monthly calendars and quarterly goals. At the end of each quarter and year, it prompts me to review what worked, what hasn’t worked, and what I’m procrastinating on. It asks me to rate my level of self-trust (am I acting authentically) in several major areas of my life. The self-trust assessment has been surprising, and I’ve gained a few insights.

Dreambook emphasizes the need for a little bit of ritual when setting goals. It talks about setting the scene the same way when I sit down to plan; for me, that means a cup of tea. I felt like I needed more and turned to The Ultimate Guide to Cosmic Ordering: Empower Your Destiny: Take Control of your Life.  According to the book, “Cosmic Ordering is when you ask the Cosmos to use its energy its powers to make your Destiny-Goals a reality.” Taking your goals to Spirit or “the Cosmos” is a ritual that feels more helpful to me, but I do like some of the other ritual elements, too. I’ve met many of my goals, and I think that asking for spiritual help was likely far more helpful in the long run than the cup of tea, although the hundreds of cups of tea were a big boost.

As I work through Dreambook working on my long-term vision, narrowing to the yearly and quarterly plans, and then making my weekly plan, I like to work with my higher self as consciously as possible. I love how Dreambook forces me to acknowledge what I want because if I don’t, I’ll find myself simply filling time because many opportunities look promising.  Between the Dreambook and any other tools I’ve added for self-improvement or planning, I’m consolidating my tools as I advance closer to my goals, and my actions can move me closer to my final and more active phases. No time to fiddle around now; I need to be streamlined and ready to roll!

I received no compensation for this review; I just wanted to share my thoughts on these books to help others.

One thought on “Dreambook + Planner and Cosmic Ordering

  1. This is the same planner I’ve been using for a few years, and I love it. I have the PDF, print it on 32 lb paper, and put it in a disc-bound notebook. This way it can lay flat or be folded over completely like a spiral notebook. I only put in 3 months’ worth of pages at a time, and then I have room to add plain lined paper, etc.

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