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Energy Strands

We can establish relationships with people, concepts, and places. According to Denise Linn’s Energy Strands, there are energy strands connecting us with them that convey energy, information, or both. These strands may range in size from tiny filaments to large energetic ropes. Strands can be established between a person and someone significant, such as loved ones, friends, animals, ancestors, enemies, or even strangers.

Of course, the energy exchanged can be uplifting, but sometimes it is quite the opposite. Negative strands can affect one physically, manifesting through body pain, fatigue, nightmares, mental fog, sudden strong emotions, depression, or other symptoms. Linn gives us several techniques for psychic self-defense ranging from crystals and prayer to meditation and sacred energies. She even provides a few ways to remediate a person’s energy after a psychic attack.

Linn also suggests ways to keep your personal space clear. The private space may be your home, but it could also apply to your workplace. She calls the energy in your home an intersection between your inner and outer universes. It makes sense to keep that energy clean.

As I imagine the horrible, tangled mess of strands crossing each other and other people’s strands as the parties move around, I find Linn’s metaphor lacking. You can think of them as energy strands, but I think of them as Bluetooth towers where we register the other person’s agreement to receive energy/information. It is simpler and more elegant, generating less energetic clutter. Otherwise, some people would be too entangled to move!  

Also available on Audible!

At first, I thought that this book was a bit on the beginner side, but as I read, I found some helpful suggestions. I believe that it can help most people on their journey.

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