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About the Blog

We can let our world view be defined by default by television, popular culture, our friends, and family. Or we can choose for ourselves what we believe and what will shape our reality. How will you learn the concepts that expand your reality? There are many ways, but personal mentors and books are some of the most powerful. I’ve read books that totally changed my understanding of the world and how it is put together, enriching, and expanding my reality. So here’s to sharing books with you that encompass expansion principles: metaphysics, psychic phenomenon, spirituality, multi-dimensional multiverse, physics, channeling, and energy healing. I might also share reviews of tarot or oracle cards because as you define your reality to include psychic abilities, you will need tools to practice to hone your skills. I’m sharing fiction that incorporates these themes, too. It’s amazing how much weirdness I’ve learned how to apply to my life when I see fictional characters do it first. After some thought, I’ve decided to also include books on gluten-free and vegan cooking/lifestyles. More and more people on the metaphysical track have discovered that what they eat – and don’t eat – affects their body tremendously. Some learn quite coincidentally that it also promotes mental clarity in their psychic channels. You may find an occasional best-seller here, but you are far more likely to find something that is self-published because that’s where the cutting edge can be found these days. So let’s rejoice in the pioneers of metaphysics brave enough to come forward and teach us what they know!

About the Author

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I’ve been on a metaphysical path for about 15 years, now. During that time, I’ve read a LOT of books, attended classes, seminars, and intensives. I’ve taken classes from internationally know healers and those who were good but more obscure. I’ve explored many areas of applied metaphysics that showed me how to put metaphysical theories to work in real life in many varied ways. My life has taken an extreme shift to the weird, and I’ve enjoyed it all the way! Besides my full-time job, I’ve had a part-time business providing energy work and QHHT, a type of past life regression that brings emotional healing, for about 10 years. I’ve taught classes on meditation and often discuss metaphysical books with my clients, to help them understand the energies at play in their lives.

I’m a wife, mother of four, and a legal investigator. I have a home full of pets and love understanding animals and nature from a metaphysical perspective. I live in Colorado, USA, and enjoy camping and photography.

I invite you to also join me on my personal blog, Peace With My Life, and my business website/blog, Embers of Light.

K. D. K. Hadacek