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Quantum Creativity

Do lush, life-filled ideas just erupt from lifeless vines? Or are they gifts from beyond - from our soul? How are you creative? Some people apply known principles in new ways to create a new result. Other people generate original ideas that revolutionize our thinking in a specific area; they aren’t merely creative, they’re innovative… Continue reading Quantum Creativity

Intermediate Concepts · Spiritual

Love has Forgotten No One: A Book Review

Gary Renard’s book, Love Has Forgotten No One, dialogues about applying his spiritual practices in real life. As A Course in Miracles (ACIM) teacher, Mr. Renard is showing off when to use the ACIM tools (in every circumstance). Like a cooking show, he shows the life stressors before applying the ACIM principles, then, voila! Everything… Continue reading Love has Forgotten No One: A Book Review